Who is Sanjay Nishad, whose Nishad party defeated Yogi in his fortress
12 Jan 2019

Who is Sanjay Nishad, whose Nishad party defeated Yogi in his fortress

Sanjay, who is telling Narakad to the Gorakhpith, is among those few people, who have been telling the `organized gang` of torture of Hindu Yuva Vahini, Muslims, Dalits, extreme backward and atrocities against Nizhad while living in Gorakhpur. .

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During an election meeting, Dr. Sanjay Nishad, National President of Nishad Party (Photo Credit: Facebook / Nishad Party)

In the Lok Sabha by-election, the most talked about person is being discussed by the SP for defeating the fort of Uttar Pradesh`s Yogi Adityanath, National President of Nishad Party Dr. Sanjay Kumar Nishad

Four years ago, only a few people or those working in the Nishad community were aware about Sanjay Nishad, but today he is being marked as a man who wished the story of BJP`s defeat on the unseen seat of Yogi Adityanath.

Who is Sanjay Nishad? What do you do? When and why did he create the Nishad party? What is their politics? These are questions that all want to know.

Sanjay Nishad, who formed the Nishad party in 2013, used to run his electro homeopathy clinic on Geeta Vatika Road in Gorakhpur till about a decade ago.

In this medical method, it is believed that there is a disease inhibition of lymph and blood system, which can be treated with medicines made from microorganisms or minerals obtained from plants.

Dr. Sanjay struggled to get the clinic running as well as to get recognition for electro homeopathy. In 2002, he formed the Purvanchal Medical Electro Homeopathy Association. He became its president. He also went to the Supreme Court to get recognition to this mode.

He has been active for two decades in politics. He first joined Bamcef. He has also contested elections from the CampingGanj assembly but he did not get success.

After that, he got involved with his caste politics. In 2008, he formed two organizations named All India Backward and Minority Welfare Mission and Shakti Mukti Mahasangram.

He formed the National Nishad Integration Council before the Nishad Party and as a national president, he tried to unite different sub-castes of Nishad.

They started the campaign of `bringing the 553 castes of fisherman community on one platform`. He told the Nishad that society would benefit from incorporating all synonymous castes of the Nishad dynasty community into a Scheduled Caste, considered one.

Nishad is also included in the Scheduled castes in 14 states of the country. In Uttar Pradesh, the seven synoptic species of Nishad dynasty - Manjwar, Gaur, Tuhaw, Khorat, Khawar, Beldar, Koli are included in Scheduled Castes but other sub castes have been kept in OBC.

According to him, all the castes of Nishad ethnic society are constitutionally in Scheduled Caste, there is a need to define this thing which has not been done so far.

He told Nishad his political power and asked him to be organized in a party instead of going from one party to another.

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National President of Nishad Party Dr. Sanjay Nishad (File photo: Manoj Singh)

They say that Nishad is 17 percent in UP and is in an impressive position in 152 assembly seats. If we are united we can not ignore anyone.

Dr. Sanjay came to the headlines for the first time when he jammed the railway track on June 7, 2015 demanding that the Nishads be included in scheduled castes near Kasrawal village of Sehjnova area adjacent to Gorakhpur.

There were hundreds of people with them in the Nishad community, in which the large number of youth was. Apart from this, all the youths were from western Uttar Pradesh, besides the Purvanchal.

When the police tried to remove them, there was a violent clash. In the police firing, a young man named Akhilesh Nishad was killed. The mob broke into several vehicles and handed it over to the fire.

At that time the Samajwadi party was the government. The Akhilesh government cracked down on this incident and registered a case against three dozen people including Sanjay Nishad.

Dr. Sanjay got underground but other people were arrested and jailed. Later he surrendered and released on bail.

He got a lot of discussion from this incident. He used this fame to strengthen the Nishad party. Village-village formed the organization of Nishad Party.

Women and youth were specially added. The identity of the Maroon hat and the flag party was made. The workers were given regular training and they were told about the history of `Nishad`, `Nishad culture` and `Nishad civilization`.

Sanjay himself has written a book `History of Nishad`. His second book, `Who is the real owner of India`.

In the history of Nishad, he writes- The history of Nishad is very old. Nishad is mentioned in the world`s oldest Rig Veda. Nayashad is mentioned many times in the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The word Nishad has come in the first verse written by Maharishi Valmiki. Maharishi Ved Vyas, the creator of Mahabharata, was also a great Maharishi Nishad. In the Mahabharata, many epics have been written on Nal-Damayanti, the son of king Veersen of Nishad.

Dr. Sanjay writes, "He is presenting the history of Nishad, so that by remembering the past, presently organize them and bring them into a strong class, which can lead to order and political change."

Dr. Sanjay Nishad (Photo Credit: Facebook / Nishad Party)

Dr. Sanjay Nishad (Photo Credit: Facebook / Nishad Party)

He says that the history of Nishad is the essence of the entire world history. History of Nishad is not a history of any caste. History of Nishad is a history of human beings. The history of Nishad is the history of the other culture when humans had learned to live in a permanent home. History of Nishad is the early history of our civilization. He also says that the producer of Indus civilization was `Adya Nishad`. The Primitive Agni Vaniishi Nishad is the true tribal tribe of India`s year.

He wrote in `Who is the real owner of India` that there were many Raja-Maharajs in the Nishad dynasty We belong to the Dynasty total. The magnificent fort of our Maharaja Guharraj Nishad is present in Rengverpur, Allahabad. During the Buddha period, the capital of the Kolyas-Nishad is Ramgram (currently Ramgarh in Gorakhpur) and Gorakhnath Temple of Machhendranath (Matsyendranath), Gorakhpur.

He said in this book - Nishad has invented the method of cultivating the zum system by making a spade and a stick and digging it out.

According to Dr. Sanjay, Nishad has never done slavery and did not accept the principle of Manusmriti. They remained in the form of the fifth character Nishad. Nishad gave martyrdom while fighting the British. It is notable that the names of Tilka Manjhi, Siddhun Mera, Zuri Bind, Mauku and Bhima Kevat, Lakshmi Bai`s artillery, Shankar, Bhavani, Jubba Sahni, Mati Kashim, Avanti Bai Lodhi, Solution Nishad, Lohna Nishad, Mahadev Kevat, Neves Kumar Manjhi etc. .

According to him, due to taking iron from the British, the Criminal Tibs Act 1871 imposed on Nishaad and tortured them. For this reason, Nishad people in different parts of the country were separated in different states by the name of different sub castes.

The full name of the Nishad party, `Our party is Nirabal Indian-exploited`. Since no political party can be registered with the caste, the name of the party was kept as `Nirbhal Indian-exploited Our General Party`, whose abbreviation `NISHAD` i.e. `Nishad`.

In this way, they named it after thinking about the identity of the caste, and this name was also popular among the people.

The Nishad party performed its first public performance in Gorakhpur in July 2016. In Bihar assembly elections, BJP had appointed Mukesh Sahni as a star campaigner to win the votes of Nishad.

Mukesh Sahni is from Bihar`s Darbhanga and is associated with the business of designing sets of films in Mumbai. He is the president of the Nishad Vikas Sangh and writes `Sun of the Mallah` in front of his name.

They announced the support of the BJP in Bihar elections. The BJP gave the status of star campaigner and in the name of the newspapers, very advertisements were given, which said that `there is a big battle ahead, there is good in the NDA`.


Addressing workers during a program Dr. Sanjay Nishad (File photo: Manoj Singh)

He was with Nitish Kumar before joining the BJP. In spite of campaigning by them, the BJP is badly beaten in Bihar. However, he said that due to him, 7 percent of Bihar`s Nishad dynastic society had voted for the BJP, but due to the unity of Nitish and Lalu, Yadav, Muslim and Koiriy-Kurmi got united and came in government with 41 percent votes.

Prior to the 2017 assembly elections, Mukesh Sahni came to Uttar Pradesh. He started taking the chariot journeys to set up National Fisheries Commission and demand for the inclusion of Manjhi, Mallah, Keval and his synonymous castes in the scheduled castes.

They camped in Gorakhpur to make penetration in Nishad society. He also convened a conference on World Fisherman Day on July 10, 2016, in the Nishad temple of Gorakhpur, to set up a statue of former MP, Phoolan Devi.

This initiative of Mukesh Sahni did not like local Nishad leaders, it was also discussed that he was doing all this for connecting the Nishad for the BJP. The Nishad party talked to him about the opportunity and said that he will establish a statue of Phoolan Devi together.

After this, it was decided that on July 25, on the martyrdom day of Phoolan Devi, his 30 feet high statue was installed in Bighagarh. This giant statue was made by Mukesh Sahni from Mumbai. On this day also a huge rally was announced in Champa Devi Park.

But the district administration did not allow the statue to be installed by speaking of not being allowed. The statue was not established but on July 25, 2016, Nishad Party, National Nishad Ekta Parishad and National Nishad Vikas Sangha organized a big rally in Champa Devi Park on the banks of Ramgarh.

More than 25 thousand people gathered in the rally. The whole ground was covered with a hat with a cap and the flag and became resonant with the slogan of `Jai Nishad Raj`. After the administration seized the statue, Phulan Devi was given a huge cut of Flex at the rally venue.

Dr. Sanjay Nishad (Photo Credit: Facebook / Nishad Party)

Dr. Sanjay Nishad (Photo Credit: Facebook / Nishad Party)

The rally was raised by the crowd Nishad party. In this rally, SP, BSP and BJP were accused of distributing Nishad society.

There were only a few supporters of Mukesh Sahni in the rally. Mukesh Sahni became airy after this rally and today very few people know about him as to what he is doing. In this rally, Nishad party started friendship with Dr. Ayub`s Peace Party.

The statue of former MP Phoolan Devi has not been established till now, but the Nishad party has gone a long way. The statue of Phoolan Devi is still kept in front of a house along the roadside near Bighagarh.

In the elections of 2017, the Nishad party combine with the Peace Party and contested 72 seats. Nishad party could win only one seat, Gyanpur. Bahubali leader Vijay Mishra won here but after winning, he did not see Nishad with the party. Now he has gone near the BJP.

Nishad party got total 5,40,539 votes in the assembly elections. He got more than ten thousand votes in many seats - Paniera, Campierganj, Sahajanova, Khajani, Tamkihiraj, Bhadohi, Chandauli.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Nishad contested from Gorakhpur Rural seat but lost by 34,869 votes. He did not win this election but in the recently held by-election, the SP made his son Pravin Nishad an MP by contesting the election.

In the assembly elections, he had taken a helicopter for rent and for several days he used to go to the election meetings with helicopters. In these meetings, Sanjay Nishad was specifically mentioned to get out on the helicopter.

Gorakhpur: Samajwadi Party candidate Praveen Kumar Nishad flashes victory sign after his success in the bypoll elections, in Gorakhpur on Wednesday. PTI photo(PTI3_14_2018_000163B)

After winning the by-elections in Gorakhpur Lok Sabha, son of Dr. Sanjay Nishad and Praveen Kumar Nishad (Photo: PTI)

His meetings were recorded with a drone camera and he was put on social media.

By the Assembly elections in 2017, he used to attack the BJP along with the BSP as well, but now he is saying that he has put his son Pravin Nishad in the lap of SP. The party will use whatever they want.

On the other hand, SP President and former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav is telling Nishad the younger brother of SP. Obviously, while the Nishad Party maintains its independent status, it wants to maintain the coalition in the coming elections with the SP.

After forming a party, Sanjay took out his two sons from the job and put them in the party`s work. His son Pravin Nishad, MP from Gorakhpur, was working as a production engineer in a private company in Bhiwadi in Rajasthan from 2009 to 2013 after doing B.Tech in 2008. He also associated the younger son Shravan Nishad with the party. Their son and daughter are far from politics.

Sanjay has always been very aggressive against the RSS, the BJP and the Hindu Youth Corps. He called the RSS and Hindu Youth Vahini a "pro-social organization" and then the BJP was called `Bharat Jalao Party`.

While he is in Gorakhpur, he is among those few people who dared to use strict words for the Hindu Youth Corps.

During a press conference in 2017, he called the `organized gang` that oppressed the Hindu Youth Corps and tortured Muslims, dalits, extreme backward and despot.

He has always been telling Gorakhpith`s Gorakspeeth to Nikhad. He says that the `Gorkhakshit` was founded by Maharaja Matsyendra Nath, born in the Ghising family of Nishad dynasty, which was later captured by the Manuites.

In a program of Nishad party, Dr. Sanjay Nishad (Photo Credit: Facebook / Nishad Party)

In a program of Nishad party, Dr. Sanjay Nishad (Photo Credit: Facebook / Nishad Party)

He describes Dalits, backward castes, including Nishad as the native inhabitants of India, and say that the conspiracy and mentality of the original inhabitants of India to maintain their generations of slaves is only Manuandu.

Sanjay is always seen in rallies and assemblies wearing coat-tie and presenting him in a special way and presenting him as a messiah of Nishad society. His supporters have started addressing him as `Mahamana`.

Party workers and supporters run dozens of Whatsapp groups on social media. The website and YouTube channel are run by the Eklavya Human Message News, on which the news of Nishad society and Sanjay Nishad`s message are broadcasted.

Singer Durga Julimi Nishad has written and sung all songs for the Nishad party. One of them - Dr. Sanjay will sit in the heart of Nishad, now his party will win the Nishad ...

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