Who is Son of Mallah-Mukesh Sahani
13 Jan 2019

Who is Son of Mallah-Mukesh Sahani

The popularity of Mukesh Sahni, popularly known as Bollywood`s famous set designer, has garnered rapidly in recent times. During the 2015 assembly elections, he was a star campaigner of the NDA and is currently a part of the UPA.

Bihar has become a Balancing Factor in Bihar`s politics, famous young leader Mukesh Sahni , known as Sun of the Voyager . On the lines of `Discuss on tea` he `discusses the mache` in the state. In the politics of the state in recent days, the graph of his popularity has increased like sensation. He also formed the Developing Man Party (VIP) in November last year . 

There is also a huge crowd in their gatherings. Even to bring them together, both the NDA and the UPA have put full emphasis on the two sides, in which the UPA has stalled. The question is, why all political parties are knocking on Mukesh Sahni? Can he become an X Factor of Bihar`s politics? Mukesh, who has been associated with Muzaffarpur in Bihar 

from the sets of Bollywood to the election setting,
has been a famous set designer of Bollywood films in Mumbai. He also opened a successful event management company. She made headlines by making a set of Shahrukh Khan`s super hit film `Devdas`. Bajrangi Bhaijaan was also set up by his company but except for successful business, he jumped into politics of Bihar. For this, he raised the demands of his community. 

Most places go by helicopter
Actually, Mukesh Sahni came to politics in such a time when there is no leader of Nishad`s big mass leader. Captain Jaynarayan Nishad was his leader, but later he became less active due to increasing age and poor health. In such a situation, Mukesh along with aggressively started demanding the interests of his own caste, while looking at the vacant place. At the same time, he added the glamor of temperament in his politics. Most of the places go by helicopter. Specially targeting the youth. 

The popularity of Hardik Patel like
Mukesh Sahni`s influence grew in Bihar in the same way, just as Hardik Patel`s impression was seen in Gujarat. Both of us are almost too young. The state of Nishad has approximately 10 percent of the population and they play a decisive role in at least a dozen parliamentary seats. The political power of Mukesh Sahni was first recognized for the first time in the 2015 Assembly elections and then he was NDA`s Star Campaigner. 

In that election he campaigned for the special helicopter in the entire state for BJP. After the election, the NDA lost the election but Mukesh Sahni claimed that he voted for the NDA in favor of the NDA. However, later he also accused NDA of not fulfilling its demand.The importance of politicians like Mukesh Sahni 

, who can influence in the near 
future, has increased this time in general elections. There is hope for tough competition in the NDA and UPA over 40 Lok Sabha seats in the state. In this case, according to the experts, the coalition`s socio-racial equilibrium will be better, it will be in profit. Especially in such communities, whose votes pattern is never fixed, will be kept in mind. Votes of Nishad also come in this category. This is the reason why both NDA and UPA have full power to join Mukesh with him. 

Demand of SC status
Mukesh is agitating to cast Nishad from OBC to SC category. They say that Nishad has been very neglected in recent years. For this reason I am demanding more reservation. Mukesh Sahni says that no government has fulfilled its promises and my community was just cheated. 
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